7 Shealynn

A group of teens goes camping in the Angeles National Forest and decide they'll put a local legend to the test, claiming to be able to summon the spirit of a girl that went missing there following World War 2.  Unfortunately, one of the summoning teens disappears himself. *Explicit Language

The Storage Papers is a fictional horror audio drama with episodes published every two weeks.  Some topics may be sensitive for younger viewers. For additional details, commentary, and to contact the creator, follow @storagepapers on Instagram and Twitter or visit https://anchor.fm/thestoragepapers.  You can also send an email to thestoragepapers@gmail.com.

Sound effects and music by Zapsplat.  Additional music "Ghostpocalypse 1 Departure" and “Ghostpocalypse 8 Epilog” by Kevin McLeod of Incomptech.


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