Chas Hodges: He's One of Our Own

A special tribute show to one of our favourite lilywhites, a friend, a superb podcast guest and a true gentleman, the late, great Chas Hodges. Many of you will have seen him play or met him at one of #SpursShowLIVE events (he performed at two and attended a couple more), so we know this is just as personal for you, as it is for us. Maybe you grew up blaring out Ossie's Dream from your bedroom, singing Glory Glory on the terraces or had Ain't No Pleasing You as the first dance at your wedding. Chas n' Dave were part of all our Tottenham experience. And still are.

On this show we look back with Mike Leigh, Theo Delaney, Jon Morter, Phil Cornwell, Willie Morgan, Paul Kramer, Alex Segal, Matt Creeley and of course the voice and music of Chas Hodges, as one of our own. Enjoy it with us, as we pay tribute to the Rockney Rebel. 

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