DESTINATION MADRID: Champions League Special

Mike Leigh is joined by Theo Delaney, Pete Hain and Rob White for tonight’s show! As Saturday approaches, we ask: how will we set up? Who’s going to start? How did we get here? And how do we get there? 

We go through dos and don’ts with travelling as well share a bunch of Madrid tips for this weekend! And we look forward to seeing you there for our live show with some amazing special guests - who somehow we've managed to keep secret so far!


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If we come away with a victory in Spain, we're bringing the party home with Celebration at the 100Club. There will be special guests and free drinks for everyone! For more details go to 

*There will be NO FREE DRINKS 

**If we don't win, there'll be no party and we'll give everyone a full refund, except for the £2 booking fee which the ticketing site keeps. Worth a punt for a couple of quid!

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