The Alan Mullery Special Pt 2 - #SpursShowLIVE

We bring you Part 2 of the Mullery Special live for Spurs Show Season Ticket holders (and Plus One's) from The Albany on Great Portland Street! Mike Leigh, Theo Delaney, Martin Lipton and very special guest and Tottenham Hotspur legend Alan Mullery, to discuss his prolific time at Spurs under Bill Nicholson.

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It's the best £10 you'll ever spend at or the best £25 at - either way you'll meet a member of Poch's squad and find out the inner working of this last couple of seasons. Not to be missed (unless you like staying home on Wednesday night, boastinf about missing things!). For details see to get yourself a £10 a month Season Ticket or for a one off £25 ticket.

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