Introducing to you our book ✿MAKE IT MAKE SENSE✿

Make It Make Sense is a mix of cultural analysis, anecdotes, personal essays and poems, interplayed like a conversation between friends - because that’s what they are. You should be able to pick it up, read something that will make you laugh or cry or punch you in the gut, and then put it down until you’re ready for your next hit. From introducing new words for things that we’re all feeling but don’t know how to describe (hi phoenixing!) to real-life anecdotes of being young and ambitious and pressed up against the glass ceiling that still exists despite our best 2010 Girlbossing, how not to rob ourselves of joy, what happens when you lose someone you love, and how all of this is intrinsically bound up with the way the world’s working around us - this book is going to be the bedside table essential that you’re going to want to give everyone in your life who wants to feel less alone in whatever shit they’re dealing with.

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