Own The Feels: Own the Stalking Signals

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Welcome back to Own The Feels - brought to you in partnership with Love Better - where we’re doing our damnedest to help us break-up better - which means owning whatever we’re feeling and learning how to deal with it. 

Whether it’s online or in real life, stalking can be a terrifying thing to deal with (not to mention it can be legit illegal). In this episode we explore the spectrum of stalking, hearing from people who’ve had their every move posted online, their university bedroom trashed, and even had people lie about health diagnoses to get back in their life. 

As always, we leave you with tangible ways to spot and stop someone (or yourself) from crossing the line. 

A huge thank you to Love Better, and everyone who gave us their stories to make these podcasts possible. If you want to know more about how to break-up better, listen to next week's episode, and head to https://www.vice.com/en/topic/love-better

If you or anyone you know thinks you’re dealing with a stalker, visit: https://victimsupport.org.nz/get-support/other-crimes-or-incidents/stalking-and-harassment 

If anything you've heard in this podcast makes you think you should reach out for a little more help, please do!

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