Own The Feels: Own Being Better Than Revenge

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Welcome to our first-ever episode of Own the Feels - brought to you in partnership with Love Better - where we’re doing our damnedest to help us break-up better - which means owning whatever we’re feeling and learning how to deal with it. 

This week we’re talking all about Revenge - and how we can be better than it. 

We hear from a few different people who’ve sought revenge in a break-up - from leaving polaroids around their ex's house, to pretending that they’re getting back together and then literally moving countries - but most importantly, we offer up some tangible tips to curb that need to ‘get even’ and how to spot when it crosses the line from ‘harmless’ to ‘harmful.’

A huge thank you to Love Better, and everyone who gave us their stories to make these podcasts possible. If you want to know more about how to break-up better, listen to next week's episode, and head to https://www.vice.com/en/topic/love-better

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