The Shift LIVE: Ruth Jones on daughterhood, menopause and being Nanny Ruth

In the run up to Christmas I'll be dropping two special live episodes recorded live at the Birmingham Literature Festival earlier this autumn. The second conversation is with one of the funniest, warmest women you’re ever likely to encounter: Ruth Jones. 

TBH Ruth needs little introduction. The co-writer and star of Stella and the BAFTA award winning Gavin and Stacey, she is also the bestselling author of three Sunday Times bestsellers: Never Greener (which was also WHSmith Fiction book of the year), Us Three and now, Love Untold. 

Warm, open-hearted and generous, Love Untold sees Ruth turn her attention to motherhood and daughterhood as we meet four generations of the women of the Meredith family: Grace, Alys, Elin and Beca and encounter the minefield of complications that form the mother-daughter bond - love, hate and everything in between. You will laugh, you will cry, you will wince and above all you will recognise the feelings that Ruth evokes in the four women.

Ruth joined me in front of a live audience at the Birmingham Rep to talk about the complex mother-daughter relationship, why so few people talk about daughterhood, the power and importance of cross-generational understanding and the impossibility of living up to a fantasy life. She also opened up about menopause, HRT, her irrational fear of turning 40 and her favourite new role.... that of Nanny Ruth!

This episode includes an exclusive reading from Love Untold by Ruth. And Ruth's book recommendations for Christmas reading.

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