Sali Hughes on the positive power of being a grown up

Today’s guest has a talent for tapping into what people are thinking, not to mention an enviable BS radar. Since we first met almost 15 years ago, Sali Hughes has become a leading journalist and presenter. Her beauty column for the Guardian is responsible for the contents of a million makeup bags and she has just turned her YouTube series In the bathroom with into a podcast, Beyond The Bathroom. In 2018 she co-founded the award-winning charity Beauty Banks, with Jo Jones, providing essential toiletries to people living in poverty. Arguably we have never needed that charity more than we do right now.

Sali's new book, Everything Is Washable* is what you’d get if Nora Ephron took on Mrs Beeton. An empathetic, no-nonsense guide to navigating almost everything modern life has to throw at us. From stain removal to how and when to have maintenance sex by way of egg poaching, freezer defrosting and fitted sheet folding!

Sali joined me to discuss how being homeless in her teens created her obsession with home, the power of making women feel can-do and why you should never EVER give up your own bank account. We also talked learning to parent when you haven’t been parented and healthcare privilege. Plus she had PLENTY to say about the way brands (mis)represent perimenopausal women…

If you'd like to make a donation to Beauty Banks you can do so by donating physical products online or at Superdrug Beauty spots. You can also donate money directly via text or online. For more information on how to donate please visit

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