Jojo Moyes on visibility, imposter syndrome and female friendship

How does it feel to suddenly become ultra-visible just as the world is trying to invisible you? That’s what happened to this week’s guest, mega-selling novelist Jojo Moyes, when the book her old publishers didn't want to publish - Me Before You - became a global bestseller and smash-hit movie in her mid-40s. 

Since then every book Jojo has written has been a bestseller and she’s sold the movie rights to pretty much everything she’s ever written. (Not remotely jealous.) Her latest, The Giver Of Stars, the transporting story of a group of women setting up a horseback library in the Appalachians is currently at the top of the bestseller lists and a movie is underway. 

But life wasn’t always like that. Far from it. Jojo is funny and frank about the impact of stratospheric success on her professional and personal life. How it felt to be suddenly visible in her late forties. Health, fitness, freedom, a new found love of clothes and why she feels better than ever at 50. She also reveals how she finally overcame Imposter Syndrome, why she no longer suffers fools and how making new friends at 50 has been a revelation. 

Note: this podcast was recorded before lockdown.

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The Shift: How I (lost and) found myself after 40 - and you can too by Sam Baker is out now in hardback and available to buy here.

The Giver Of Stars by Jojo Moyes is out now in paperback and available to buy here.

Jojo's book recommendation: Three Women by Lisa Taddeo, out now in paperback and available to buy here.


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