Bryony Gordon on alcoholism, mental health & why she feels lucky to be 40

This week’s guest will be no stranger to you but she’s a little bit of a different one for The Shift because, at 40, Bryony Gordon is a mere whipper snapper, but she’s crammed a whole lot of living into those years. Journalism, Mental health campaigning, marathon running, body positivity activism, bestselling books and, as we’ll be hearing, alcoholism. 

In her latest bestseller, Glorious Rock Bottom, Bryony gives a painfully candid account of alcoholism, what it does to the alcoholic and the people around them - and, crucially, how it feels to come through it. It is TOUGH TOUGH TOUGH. It is also immensely likeable and - dare I say it because this is not a Bryony thing - heartwarming. Aaaah! Bryony talks openly about everything from addiction and abuse to shame (and shaming yourself), forgiveness, the tyranny of being a "good" mother, the craziness of women lying about their age and why she will never, ever moan about getting older. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

TRIGGER WARNING: Bryony talks candidly about her alcoholism, mental health crises and suicidal ideation.

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The Shift - How I (lost and) found myself after 40 - and you can too is out now in hardback and available to buy here.

Glorious Rock Bottom by Bryony Gordon is out in hardback and available to buy here. Her new book, a practical guide to mental health called, No Such Thing as Normal, is published on 7 January. Click here to preorder.

Bryony's book recommendation: Love After Love by Ingrid Persaud. Out now in hardback and available to buy here.

You can follow bryony on instagram @bryonygordon.


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