Anya Hindmarch on beating self doubt and why fashion needs to take some responsibility

Entrepreneur and fashion designer Anya Hindmarch is the queen of practicality. The bags for which her eponymous label is famous have long been adored for their pockets, compartments, zips and the fact they’re not weighed down with hardware - I mean seriously who wants a bag that’s too heavy to carry when it’s EMPTY?! It’s that super-sensible but fun, creative approach that saw her lauded as Accessories Designer of the year at the British Fashion Awards. So it’s no surprise that her never-fail piece of advice - if In doubt, wash your hair - has become the title of her first book - Part life manual, part memoir, part business book and all “let’s be having you”.

It also sums her up perfectly - light-hearted on the surface yet with a fiercely common sensical core. Anya joined me over zoom (where else?!) to talk self-doubt and learning to have faith in your own ability, bringing inclusivity and responsibility to the fashion industry, why emotion is a female superpower, being proudly not cool and why she’s passionate about pockets.

You can buy all the books mentioned in this podcast at, including the book that accompanies this podcast, The Shift: how I lost and found myself after 40 - and you can too by Sam Baker and If In Doubt Wash Your Hair by Anya Hindmarch.

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