1. RSE ABC. What does statutory status mean for schools?

From September 2020, Relationships, Sex and Health Education will be statutory in English schools. After decades of campaigning, this is the first time that all schools will be required to teach these subjects.

In this first episode we find out what new RSHE guidance really means for schools and guests explore the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.


  • Lucy Emmerson, Director, Sex Education Forum
  • Anna Martinez, Public Health Officer, Haringey Council
  • Juliet Henry, Head of Skills, Development & Progress, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School
  • Catherine Kirk, RSE Consultant, Nottingham City Council
  • Dougie Boyd, Head of Education, Brook
  • Professor Julia Hirst, Sheffield Hallam University

For a full list of resources featured in ths episode: https://www.sexeddiaries.org/episode-details