Brad Stulberg: Ditch The Hedonic Treadmill For Sustainable Success

Ambition is laudable. But hustle culture extracts a cost. True, sustainable success demands groundedness.

Here today to elaborate is Brad Stulberg—a writer and coach specializing in human performance and well-being. Returning for his third appearance (you can check out episodes #293 & #429).

Brad is the author of three books: Peak Performance, The Passion Paradox, and his latest, the subject of today’s exchange, The Practice of Groundedness. His work has appeared in the NYT, WSJ, Sports Illustrated, Wired, Forbes, GQ, TIME, & Outside. He is the co-founder of The Growth Equation newsletter & podcast alongside elite track & field coach Steve Magness.

This is a conversation about striving–not out of compulsion–but from a place of wholeness and love. It’s a state of mind and action Brad calls groundedness. In addition, we discuss in great detail the principles upon which to build sustainable success and a life grounded in meaning and fulfillment.

Trigger Warning: We discuss a few intense mental health topics including suicidal ideation—in fairly graphic detail. So sensitive viewers please be advised.

This conversation is overflowing with evidence-and-experience-based, practical, and actionable life counsel.

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Enjoy the show!

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