Julie Piatt: Wealth Is The Community You Keep

It’s time to once again transcend the mortal coil to reconnect with matters ethereal and divine, truths both big and small.

Our prophetess for this spiritual trip is healer, mother, and creator Julie Piatt.

Longtime listeners are well acquainted with the one who goes by SriMati—my in-house guru and better half. A human who is very good at many things, Julie is an accomplished yogi, musician, chef, and mom to our four children. She’s also the bestselling author of three vegan cookbooks. She hosts the For The Life of Me podcast. She lords over Water Tiger, her online spiritual community. And she’s the CEO and ‘Mother Arc’ of SriMu, the best plant-based cheese in the known universe.

Over the years, Julie has been a recurring source of spiritual wisdom on the podcast, dropping many a pearl on everything from parenting and creativity, to navigating conflict, managing relationships, dealing with financial hardship, and many other subjects.

Today’s microphone communion with Julie is many things.

It’s an unearthing of not only this podcast’s origin story, but also the catalyst that sparked the creation Julie’s cookbooks, SriMu, and the Water Tiger tribe. It’s a crash course in embracing neutrality and understanding the strength in letting go. And it’s an exploration of why suffering is the ultimate engine for growth.

But most of all, this conversation is about the importance of relationships in all their formsHow to cultivate them. How to celebrate them. And most importantly, how to make them last.

To read more click here. The visually inclined can watch the alchemy transpire on YouTube. And as always, the podcast streams wild and free on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.


Peace + Plants,

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