Roll On: Fatherhood, Face-Off & The FAR Event

Dadding. Surfing with Zuckerberg. Celebrating Ten Thousand’s glorious new FAR line with Robbie Balenger. And of course, the Adam-Brogan faceoff we’ve all been waiting for.

Welcome to another hotly anticipated edition of ‘Roll On,’ wherein myself and my undefeated podcast co-pilot Adam Skolnick (and our intruding guest Brogan Graham) hone on matters of contemporaneous import, and more than anything, get a bit silly.

Aside from serving as my magnanimous sidecar hype-beast, Adam Skolnick is an activist and veteran journalist best known as David Goggins’ Can’t Hurt Me, co-author. Adam writes about adventure sports, environmental issues, and civil rights for outlets such as The New York Times, Outside, ESPN, BBC, and Men’s Health. He is the author of One Breath and is currently using the ‘new dad’ excuse to avoid working on his novel.

This episode unfurls in a fashion unique.

We start off with the half-cocked banter you’ve come to know and love. Adam and Brogan hash out their drama. We discuss the nuances of being a new dad. And the importance of showing up for your kids and partner.

We then close things out with my conversation with ultra-runner and friend of the pod Robbie Balenger, which was recorded at Ten Thousand’s live event at the Legendary Explorer’s Club in NYC, where we celebrated the launch of my Free Association Run (FAR) kit—a collection of men’s running gear.

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Enjoy the show!

Peace + Plants,

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