Transforming Future of Education and Learning with Elena Agaragimova [The Polymath PolyCast]

This time we are talking with Elena Agaragimova the Founder of Bloom Youth - the first MENA Future of Education platform made for students to accelerate their talents, Co-Founder - - first Middle East digital platform that helps corporations support their employees' productivity and wellbeing, a Career Development Consultant, a Talent Development Specialist with 10+ years of experience, Tedx speaker, an Author and Education Advocate.

She believes that through education and technology, we can make learning accessible and available for all.

Transforming Future of Education and Learning | Accelerating Career Growth | Redesigning Higher Education| Washington, DC/ Dubai

We are here to talk about Future of Education and Future of Careers, especially as a jack or jill of all trades.

NOTE: We had some technical difficulty, and so audio changes quality. I apologize! I did try to EQ it to the best of my ability, hers gets better, although my ends up getting worse! Thanks zoom. lol


0:00 Intro

3:00 Attracting the Right Situations and People

5:00 Bullet Journal

10:00 Micro Habit Creation and Micro Learning

15:00 Life Changing and Culture

20:00 Bessern and Bloom Youth

25:00 Modular Degree Framework

30:00 How you present yourself on applications, especially as a polymath/non-linear thinker

35:00 Putting out Content #PersonalBrand

39:30 What is a Polymath to you?

45:00 Covid Resolution/Opportunity

50:00 Moving Jobs when you hit the wall

55:00 Take THAT chance

01:00:00 SHIFT with Elena Agar

01:05:00 My start of Self-Education and Her Learning

01:10:00 Know your Capabilities

01:15:00 The power of a suit!

01:20:00 Outro


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