Pick My Brain To the MAX with Maxine Cunningham [The Polymath PolyCast]

►Today we are talking with Maxine Cunningham the Founder and CEO of Pick My Brain, she is Reimagining the Future of Work, a Creative Knowledge Monetizer, Entrepreneur & Startup Founder, Trained Economist, Super Brain (100+ Braindates), Environmentalist, Personal Brand Strategist | Content Creator, and Competitive W2's Beach Volleyball Player!

Maxine is a former economist turned CEO of Pick My Brain. Maxine is currently on a mission to help gather and organize the world's smartest and most creative people to make them more available, accessible and useful to society.


0:00 Intro

3:00 Mindset and Experience over her Path

5:00 Economics and Aggregate Scale

10:00 the Creative Economy

15:00 High Tech Smart Home | The Power of Conversations

20:00 Engaging with people and learning through conversations

25:00 Voice panels and conversations

30:00 Company decisions on creating tools

35:00 Pick my Brain and 3D interaction

40:00 Automated Content Creation

45:00 Crypto, decentralization, and user owned

50:00 Crowdfunding, and balancing her interdisciplinary life

58:00 What is a polymath to you?

01:00:00 Cross-pollinating and Polymath Bees

01:05:00 Acknowledging your workers, and hire a "Research Guy" for your company

01:10:00 Being the Tool guy , or "An Everything Guy"

01:15:00 Top level domains

01:20:00 Gamification and Education

01:25:00 Pitching what you can do for a company

01:30:00 Book times with all of your friends, and learn from them. Don't forget to document it!

01:35:00 Pick my brain

01:40:00 Outro