The Generalist Focus of Self-Improvement with Noah McMillan [The Polymath PolyCast]

We have Noah McMillan the creator of Aristocles media, philosopher, historian, and the host of Politics Then and Now on the show. He studied classics and philosophy in university, as well as will help us get into the philosophy of polymathy!


0:00 Intro

3:00 Progression and Choices

5:00 Consequences of Each Decision

10:00 Stoicism, Hegel, and Buddhism

15:00 Empathy and Plato

20:00 Universal Perspective

25:00 The Trolley Problem

30:00 Origin of Reasoning

35:00 The Need of Breathing

40:00 Emotions are the Balance of the Four Pillars

45:00 Your First Pillar and Interlace

50:00 Refocus to the Self

55:00 History of Generalists

01:00:00 World Unity

01:05:00 Future Cities and Civilization

01:10:36 what is a polymath to you?

01:15:00 You can’t experience everything

01:20:00 Aristotle is a Polymath

01:25:00 How history will remember you

01:30:00 Aristotle and Plato

01:35:00 Outro