Cynisitic yet Colorful Life of a Multimedia Storyteller with Brandee Sanders [The Polymath PolyCast]

►This time we are talking with Brandee Sanders Vice President Marketing for Motive Retail. she is an award-winning woman in tech, a Digital Nomad, Content Creator, Tech Strategist, Multimedia digital Storyteller, actress and director.

As well as a polymath blending intense creativity commerce, and content, one dynamic enterprise at a time through data-driven decisions.


The Guest/Host Mentioned: Beethoven's 9th


0:00 Intro

3:00 Introversion and Extroversion

5:00 Fashion and Color

10:00 Metamorphosis over the past five years

15:00 Work from home and parenting during quarantine

20:00 Marathon not a sprint

26:50 What is a polymath to you?

30:00 Flipping the script

35:00 Outro