Omni-MATHematics and Molecular Branding with Dimitris Lazarou [The Polymath PolyCast]

►Today we are talking with Dimitris Lazarou is a Brand Identity designer. After studying mathematics, he decided to change his focus into design, semiotics and symbolism.


TLDR: Audio in start is meh, but gets a LOT better later on.

The interview had amazing topics, and was super engaging. However we did have various technical difficulties. I want to mention to you the viewer that the beginning has some weird audio to it, but I fixed it as much as I could. As well as, it gets better when we switched tools later on!

He has made it his mission to harness the way that we use design to communicate our messages. We are here to talk about semiotics - the study of signs & symbols, the connection of math and design, Molecular Branding, and the beauty of the universal language of math.


The Guest Mentioned:


0:00 Intro

3:00 Living in a Certain Frame of Reference

5:00 Design Concepts

10:00 Mathematics in His Life

15:00 Many ways to approach a problem "bringing a different toolkit to the test"

20:00 The Golden Ratio, the rate of three, and the beauty of mathematics.

25:00 Take a stand as a Creator

30:00 User Interface/Interaction Design

35:00 The Journey of Branding

40:00 Thinking like a Brand Designer

45:00 Software for a Designer Mind

50:00 Time Management #semiotics

55:00 Tracking what you're doing, and incorporating Systems

57:50 What is a Polymath to You?

01:00:00 Be open to many different knowledges

01:05:00 Personal Library, Notion Life OS, and Library Tracking Codes

01:10:00 Pursuing Your Own Self-Made Degree

01:15:00 In College You're Already Self-Learning

01:20:00 Story Archetypes

01:25:00 Outro


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