The Sleepover Club: Why We're Sick Of 'In' And 'Out' Lists, And What They Say About Our Attitude To Micro-trends

We're back! Did you miss us? This week Ione and Eden are discussing the trend that's dominated our Instagram feeds: In and Out lists. Written by everyone who's anyone; from Jemima Kirke and Hari Nef, to pretty much every influencer you've ever followed; the internet has become enamoured with notes app lists predicting what we will and won't enjoy in 2023. But do we really care what these people think? Or are they just away for us to flex our impeccable taste to our followers?

We're discussing how the trend feeds in to our obsessions with 'cores' and what those who love or hate the new (micro)trend cycle both get wrong about what it means for our cultural landscape.

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