The Sleepover Club: What Our Infatuation With Scammers Says About Us

2019 may have been the year of the scam, but its in 2022 in which we're seeing all of these infamous stories played out on our tv screens. From Anna Delvey's plight to open a members club and Elizabeth Holmes becoming the first female billionaire, to the rise and demise of WeWork being depicted by Anne Hathaway and Jared Leto - we can't get enough of a good con story. But what does our infatuation with these stories say about us?

Ione and Halima are discussing what makes us root for these scammers, and what leads us to despise them. As well as dissecting why some scam artists (ehem - Anna Delvey) find themselves more loved in the public domain than others (we're looking at you Elizabeth Holmes). Does the rise in these stories being girlbossified by streaming services represent a darker shift in our current culture? Or do we just love to see an underdog win? Tune in to find out!

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