The Sleepover Club: The Yassification Of The Internet

Over the past few weeks, the internet has been overrun with yassified edits of our faves. Perhaps you've seen Toni Collette with smoothed out skin, Fiona from Shrek sporting a gorgeous smokey eye, or the 'oi mista, you me dad?' doll looking like she's about to head out for a night at Vodka Revs. But while we all become obsessed with yassifying our faves, Ione and Halima are going deep on what the meme really means, and how beauty standards have changed throughout the course of the internet.

Most of us feel like beauty standards are being broken down, if not obliterated altogether. But from Instagram face, to FaceTune Pro, we're still trapped searching for the best version of ourselves and buying into whichever editing app can get us there the quickest. Is the Yassification meme the only thing that can save us from airbrushed hell?

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