The Sleepover Club: The Death Of Nuance, Why Being 'Chronically Online' Gives You Brain Worms, And The Era of Anti-Intellectualism

Anti intellectualism is having a moment. Express an opinion online and they'll be at least five people in your mentions telling you that you're wrong. Maybe you spend your morning drinking coffee with your partner, causing uproar from those who have to be at work in the early hours. Perhaps you hate Marvel films, or dare to prefer one type of bread over another. But is our inability to contextualise the posts we see a form of anti-intellectualism? Are the binaries of 'high' and 'low' culture changing? And should we just let people enjoy things? This week Ione and Eden are discussing whether this constant dumbing down of discourse, art, and everything in between is more insidious than it may seem.

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