The Sleepover Club: TERFs Are Ruining Feminism

Following the death of Brianna Ghey, as well as an open letter penned by contributors of The New York Times condemning the publications reporting on gender, and the defence of JK Rowling that followed, transgender rights are once again under attack. For this week's podcast, Ione and Eden are revisiting an episode from 2020 in which we discussed the rise of TERF ideology, and how the media at large has fuelled anti-trans sentiment both in the UK and the USA.

In another special edition of The Sleepover Club, we're joined by Vice features editor Hannah Ewens to discuss her recent long read about how the debate over human rights for trans people came to dominate mainstream UK media and divide British feminists. A TERF is a trans-exclusionary radical 'feminist'. In this episode, Ione, Olivia, and Hannah discuss how TERF ideology has riddled British feminism, what cisgender feminists must do counteract it, and how representation / our treatment of transgender, non-binary, and gender non-conforming people in the media needs to change.

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