The Sleepover Club: Everything Gen Z Gets Wrong About Indie Sleaze

Haven't you heard? Indie Sleaze is back! Dig out the coloured tights, find your old American Apparel hoodies and dust off your old copies of NME. This week we're joined by Polyester socials editor Eden Young, as her and Ione describe what Indie Sleaze was really like to someone who was never there: Halima, aka our resident Gen Z.

What is the difference between Twee, Indie Sleaze, Nu Rave, and the 2014 Tumblr Girl? And why is TikTok lumping them all together when discussing the current cultural resurgence? With guest statements from none other than the Indie Sleaze instagram account itself, Ione and Eden remember what made the era great; and try to convince Halima to embrace its newest incarnation.

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