Summer 2023 Recap: The Tabi Swindler, The Roman Empire, Timothée & Kylie, Barbie, Bottoms and more

Hello! We are back, with an episode that obviously probably feels as strange for us as it is for you (this is ione typing btw). I'm now joined by miss Gina Tonic, who listeners of the podcast will know as someone mentioned frequently. Gina is our senior editor as well as mine and Eden's bestie. We'll be returning on a weekly basis to discuss the discourse through a feminist lens, but to ease us into it, this week we're discussing whats hot or not for 2023. From The Idol, Victorias Secret Relaunch, The Tabi Swindler, Bottoms, Barbie, Timmy and Kylie, The Roman Empire, Twitter/X and more.

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