Obsessions: Grace Miceli On The Unexpected Joy Of Going Grey

Are you dreading the day you find your first grey hair? Or maybe you've already spent hours in front of the bathroom mirror, pulling single silver strands from your head? This week, we're joined by illustrator Grace Miceli. The long-time contributor to Polyester and author of How to Deal is telling us all about how she shifted her attitude towards growing older.

With the past twelve months meaning all of our beauty regimes have shifted, Grace decided it was time to stop living in denial about the fact her hair was silvering; and began to embrace all the great things entering your 30's throws at you. From reassessing her place in the art world, to feeling more comfortable in herself as a whole, Ione, Olivia and Grace discuss why growing up is no bad thing.

Every so often we'll be picking the brain of a different creative about something they admire that has nothing to do with how they generate their income.

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