Obsessions: Lex Croucher On Their Nostalgia Driven Love For Tumblr

Remember when the internet was a fun place to be? Though it may feel like centuries since our online existence felt more liberating than oppressive, this week on the podcast we're reminiscing the good times we had on Tumblr with Lex Croucher!

The author will be telling us how lockdown sent them down a rabbit hole of revisiting the long-abandoned social media platform, and how being back on Tumblr helped them remember everything they loved about it. From pioneering the humour we see across the online world today and building communities, to the adult content ban that saw us all flee the site for instagram and why we're still pining for something to come along and replace the Tumblr shaped hole in our lives.

Every so often we'll be picking the brain of a different creative about something they admire that has nothing to do with how they generate their income.

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