Dispatches From The Kardashian Simulacrum: Who's Allowed To Criticise The Kardashians?

This week, The Kardashians are leaning into the uncanny valley nature of their narrative construction, taking us behind the scenes on Kourtney's pregnancy announcement and Kim and North debating fashion as she gets dressed for the Met.

Marie and MJ are questioning the hierarchies of who the family - and those around them - defers to. Is North being a brat or is she a creative with valid criticisms? Why do the Kardashians have so much respect for the traditional power structures in place around them? In a world where the KarJenners have posited themselves as world dominators, who gets to criticise the Kardashians and why is Kourtney so keen for it to be her?

Catch up with season two of our Kardashian podcast series! We've teamed up with the genius behind Kardashian Kolloquium, MJ Corey, and her sister Marie, to breakdown the world of The Kardashians week by week.

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