Dispatches From The Kardashian Simulacrum: The Ugliness Of Power

It's the season finale of The Kardashians and this series can be only summed up as self serving: Every single piece of imagery given in this series has been a medium to send a message: Scott's birthday party serves only to remind the audience that Kim used to grace the covers of canine magazines and now she has featured multiple times on the front of Vogue. But when will the family - made up of literal billionaires - stop positing themselves as underdogs? MJ and Marie Corey hypothesise that it's all down to the ugliness and villainy associated with power, the end goal of the KarJenners within a capitalist system.

Catch up with the season finale of our Kardashian podcast series! We've teamed up with the genius behind Kardashian Kolloquium, MJ Corey, and her sister Marie, to breakdown the world of The Kardashians week by week.

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