Dispatches From The Kardashian Simulacrum: Tristan's Apology Tour

What is there to day? There’s an apology tour to squeeze out what’s left of the scandals. 

Then a lot of time being spent creating more structures and storylines about Kim working constantly, so we’re gonna show her being tired. What does that mean though? Why do we care? A way for The Kardashians to show us a version of true slices of life - the busy reality of trips to New York, meetings, appearances, disorientation at Tiffany's. We know though, smokes and mirrors, it's an approximation of the actuality of her busy life - let’s face it, a helicopter trip from Manhattan to Brooklyn. We don’t not have as many luxury hours in the day as The Kardashian’s. 

And again (and again) we see what they want to rise to the surface and stay there, we see the long game - in years but realistically (and dreadfully) in centuries. 

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This piece was recorded during the 2023 SAG-AFTRA strikes. Without the labor of the actors currently on strike, the television series being mentioned here wouldn't exist.

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