Confessions: What Would You Do If Your Mum Got With Your Ex?

This week's episode takes the rules of girl code to another level, as we hear from a listener who's mum bedded her ex on a night out with the daughter in question. But do you think we should stay away from the bygone partners of those we love? Or is having a sense of humour about it all the most important thing? Ione and Gina dissect whether your friends enemies should become yours too, how far loyalty should spread, and at which points friendships are pushed beyond breaking point.

How would you feel if your mum bedded your ex? We want to hear from YOU! Confessions is all about our community and we couldn't do it without your input. Send us your secrets, or thoughts on previous episodes, to, leave a review with your gossip, or drop us a DM on Instagram. No scandal is too big or small, we'll dissect it all!

xoxo your gossip gremlins

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