Confessions: The Sisterhood Of The Lost Fenty Pants

It's our first voice note submission! This week we hear from a listener who found herself in a VERY awkward situation when meeting her new man's best friends. After discarding her dirty knickers on the way to the pub, anonymous woke up the next morning realising she had no idea where she left them. Was it in the pub? At the house of one of the guys friends? or at work? You'll have to listen to find out!

Ione and Gina discuss whether disclosing embarrassing experiences early on in a relationship is the best thing to do, or whether it's more beneficial to keep the grossest parts of yourself under lock and key.

oneWhat would you do in this situation? Would you tell the truth, or take the secret of the missing pants to your grave? We want to hear from YOU! Confessions is all about our community and we couldn't do it without your input. Send us your secrets, or thoughts on previous episodes, to, leave a review with your gossip, or drop us a DM on Instagram. No scandal is too big or small, we'll dissect it all!

xoxo your gossip gremlins

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