Show 213 - Jimmy Wales

The founder of Wikipedia explains why his site is so different to the other big stars of the internet, like Twitter, Facebook and Google and why the decisions he took mean that Wikipedia is run in a completely different way. It turns out there's a whole side to this you might not know about! This is a fascinating discussion about how the internet should function and in whose interest, who should decide what other people see and the benefits and flaws of the Twitter and Facebook models. It's not just about how the internet does and should work, but about human nature and what makes people participate in what way and what the implications for politics and democracy are. Even if you have absolutely no idea about tech or computers, you will love this. 




Monday 24 May: Peter Mandelson and Sayeeda Warsi


Tuesday 25 May: Keir Starmer and Andrea Leadsom


Wednesday 2 June: Jess Phillips and Esther McVey



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