Show 260 - Craig Oliver

This is about way more than just politics. Since leaving Number 10, Craig has been reflecting on his life and why he'd always found it a grind. There's an important lesson in how we judge those who work in politics. To the outside world, it may have looked like Craig had it all. But he's never been comfortable with himself and in taking time out, has been forced to confront why. This is a deeply personal and reflective interview about the way we live our lives, and what the political implications of that are. Of course there are more overtly political moments and Craig gives his assessment of the storm engulfing current Prime Minister Boris Johnson. For the main, this is something a bit different to the usual, a calming experience that may help you find inner peace. Which might be handy for those currently working in Number 10, or those of us who read about what they've been up to.  


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