TPN Episode #7

Plone 6 Classic, release since 6.0.0a4

  • Basics, UI Bootstrap 5, ES6, TinyMCE Resource registry
  • Icon resolver, modern image scales, dexterity textindexer
  • plone.base to prevent circular imports, code cleanup
  • Development with ES6 supportremoved require.js
  • modernized code: es 6 modules and imports
  • mockup is an npm package (like plonetheme.barceloneta)
  • no more resources and bundle resources
  • no more through the web compilation of bundles
  • jQuery still included.

Volto 15 development updates

  • out since mid march, needed to be 15 because of semver & security fix required
  • 4 point releases since then
  • lazy loading: drafs.js.
  • preview image component, Spanish & Basque translations
  • CI/CD documentation goodness: Volto docs are now merged in the upcoming Plone 6 documentation, check
  • Quick demo: Volto 15.4 with 6.0a 4 runs fine, map block

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Add'ons & Misc:

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