News of the Damned bonus episode 23-04-2022

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JT is back on deck and ready with a new bonus episode.

On this episode of TPS, JT presents a "bumper crop" of 12 articles of The News of the Damned.

Cogratulations to Scott, Matt and Dave at The Old 77 for reaching episode 100, amazing work! (Link Here)

We also have our own very special celebration here at TPS, we ahve now been listened to in over 100 countries and growing (actually 102)!

Thank you each and everyone who have listened in all of these countries!

"News of the Damned" links;

UFO encounters left witnesses with radiation burns, brain problems & damaged nerves

‘Aurora of the sea’: luminous plankton light up New Zealand shores

Aerial anomaly over Alaska sparks UFO speculation

Weird Alien-Like Creature' Washes Up on Australia's Bondi Beach

Bear punches its way out of North Carolina family's car

Largest crown jellyfish ever discovered is a blood red, saucer-like weirdo

Prehistoric rock carvings may have been the first cartoons in history

Fifth Grade Class Project Leads to Protection for Bigfoot in Washington State

Farmer Reports Terrifying Encounter with Bigfoot-Like Creature in Argentina

Using sound waves to destroy tumors keeps cancer from coming back

Mysterious sarcophagus found in Notre-Dame cathedral will be opened to reveal its secrets

Newly-Released Documents Shed Light on Government-Funded Research Into Worm Holes, Anti-Gravity and Invisibility Cloaks

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