New: Secret Societies I, Part 1 - Introduction and the Eleusinian Mysteries

Holy shit, we're BACK, BAYBEE! This is the first of a projected we-have-no-real-idea-how-many shows we're doing on Secret Societies. All we do know is that from now until we wrap up the Illuminati, it's all new content for a long while. Thanks for sticking with us during our production hiatus. We couldn't be more excited to share what we've learned about all of the various real and imaginary groups that conspiracy theorists think are behind everything that happens in the world. In standard Paranoid Strain fashion, though, we've got some table setting to do, and so in this episode we do that, along with defining secret societies, going as far back into history as records allow to discuss the very earliest of these groups that we can speculate about, and introduce our guide through this series, Dr. Richard Spence. We hope you love exploring this stuff as much as we have.

Great Courses: The Real History of Secret Societies, By Richard D. Spence

Cults, Conspiracies, and Secret Societies, by Arthur Goldwag

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