287: Stephen Dupont

Stephen Dupont is a conflict photojournalist from Australia.

For thirty years he’s travelled the world photographing people, places and cultures at  their most beautiful, their most vulnerable, and often their most violent.

Stephen is a rare breed of person, the kind that willingly forges forward into a conflict zone, hoping to get the right shot that will tell the story of those in side the conflict so that those on the outside world may bear witness to it and maybe do something to change it. 

As you’d imagine, Stephen has seen and documented moments of humans being their most horrendous to each other. 

From witnessing American Soldiers burning the bodies of Taliban fighters in Afghanistan - a photograph that changed the rules of engagement around the world - to being blown up in a suicide bombing that killed fifteen people - Stephen has seen and documented and lived and breathed and smelled the horrors of humanity, and he’s lived to talk about it. To share what he’s seen. 

Stephen is fascinating to talk to, and if your’e into photography you can catch him at Aperture Australia, the largest photography conference in Southern Hemisphere is set to return to Sydney International Convention Centre (ICC) in Darling Harbour, Sydney on the weekend of 22-23 June - more details at apertureaustralia.com.au

If you like what you hear, you can let him know on IG - @stephenmdupont, but for now come to my apartment for a cup of coffee with a truly fantastic Australian, Stephen Dupont.

***A note! I get confused in this episode and mistakenly said that photographer Bob King had passed away.

He's thankfully very much alive!

I got confused - Bob asked me about a photo I took of him and another shooter who did pass away for the funeral programme and in the moment I got the names confused.


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