314: Tom Nash

Tom Nash aka @DjHookie is a DJ, promoter, speaker and quadruple amputee from Sydney Australia. 

At 19, Tom contracted severe meningococcal septicaemia which put him in a coma for three weeks, and caused the amputation of both his arms and legs.

Tom is a shining light of a human. He was heavily involved in the Sydney party scene, around when I was most definitely out and about.

I would bump into him all the time and was always fascinated watching him be able to light a cigarette with his articulated prosthetic limbs which, you guessed it – have pincers and hooks at the end of them to allow him to reach and grab for things.

He’s a truly inspirational human, I’ll let him tell the story-however don’t be surprised if you take a long hard look at your own life after listening to this man describe the joy and possibility available in life, even after something as traumatic as what happened to him.

He’s a truly inspirational man, and I’m very very grateful that he took the time to come and visit my house a little while ago.

We recorded this before Wolfgang was born, so there’s a few perspectives from me while we were still pregnant which I left in because it was interesting to listen to it back.

Hope you enjoy this conversation with Tom Nash.


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