308: Jesse Israel

Jesse Israel is a Meditation Leader and founder of The Big Quiet - a movement that brings mass meditations to iconic spaces around the world. 

He’s been on this podcast before, and I’m so damned happy to have him back to talk about his latest adventure. 

As someone who does his best to meditate every day, it’s always great to hear from a professional that I should be finding it as hard as I’m finding it sometimes. 

That in fact is the point. 

I’ll let Jesse explain it more. 

If you’ve heard about the science behind meditation and why it’s a good idea - this chat will hopefully get you over the line to get going on a daily practice. 

We do talk a bit about bicycles as well, which is kinda fun. 

If you like what you hear - you can find out more about Jesse on twitter @jesseisrael and thebigquiet.com

Jesse and I caught up over Skype from his home in NYC, enjoy this conversation with Jesse Israel.


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