299: Isaac Hanson

Isaac Hanson is a member of the band Hanson. Yes, Hanson. Yes, THAT Hanson. You can find him on Twitter @isaachanson. Isaac is one of three brothers who formed the band Hanson who shot to fame in the late 90s and have been a force of independent music and joy since then.

It's no secret that I am a huge Hanson fan. There is something about their music that I just love. There is a purity and honesty, and a great sense of melody and hook. They just write fantastic pop music.

I once saw Metallica six times in nine days when I was working on a Big Day Out tour. But there is only one band ever that I have bought tickets for, booked flights and hotels for and followed around on my own dime as they toured Australia, to catch as many shows as I could, and that band is Hanson.

I'm so grateful to have this conversation because if you think Hanson are just those three blond kids with that song, then you're about to learn a lot more.

I hope that you enjoy this conversation with Isaac Hanson.


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