Simple instructions on how to build a time machine which you can use today

Osher’s Simple Instructions to build a Time Machine which you can use today.

a) Open a music streaming app

b) Create a playlist.

C) populate the playlist with the following:

Track 1: First song you remember hearing

Track 2: First song you memorised all the word to

Track 3: Song that was playing around your first kiss

Track 4: Song that was playing when you lost your virginity

Track 5: The song you played all schoolies

Track 6: Song that arrived with your first non-school friend as an adult

Track 7: Song from the first funeral of a friend you went to

Track 8: Song your first real serious parenter got you into

Track 9: Song of your first big breakup

Track 10: The Song of redemption

Track 11: Song of your first big adventure

Track 12: Song from the courtship of your current partner

Track 13: Your Wedding song

Track 14: Song playing when first child was born

Track 15: Song you pretend not to like when you’re driving kids to sport

Track 16: Song that helps you lift heavy at the gym

Use this playlist when you’re stuck in an emotional situation and are at risk of making a poor choice. It will instantly transport you through time to a completely different emotional state, and then when you return to now you can deal with whatever is bothering you with some better perspective, possibly even a bit breathless from dancing.

Checking in, March 4, 2024

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