296: Marieke Hardy

Marieke Hardy is an actor, writer, screenwriter, presenter and currently the Artistic Director of the Melbourne Writer’s Festival. 

From her beginnings as a child actor on Australian TV, to her work as a presenter on JJJ, and as a Screenwriter for shows like Last Man Standing and Packed to The Rafters, Marieke has always had a solid through line of creativity in her life. 

In her role as Artistic Director of the Melbourne Writer’s Festival, Marieke is responsible for shaping the tone and vision of the festival which I was very fortunate to be a part of in 2018. 

The Melbourne Writer’s festival kicks off at the end of August 2019 and the theme this year is “When we talk about love” featuring extraordinary appearances from Ben Folds, Charlie Pickering, former NZ PM Helen Clark, Sloane Crosley and many, many more. mwf.com.au for more details. 

As someone who grew up in the public eye - Marieke has a lot to teach us about not only how we can deal with life on that level, but dealing with the criticism that can come from putting yourself out there - something we can all learn from even if we’re not someone who’s got a career in broadcast. 

I hope you enjoy this conversation as we explore the benefits of being creative in your life - both creative in a way that leads back to you, but also in an anonymous way, which Marieke has found incredible benefit from. 

It’s a great chat, with a fascinating human being.


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