280: Ian Dickson

My guest today needs very little introduction. 

Ian Dickson. Dicko as you’d know him, was a brilliantly powerful record company executive that worked hand in glove with Simon Cowell as they created and broke Westlife across the planet. He came out to Australia to work with BMG records and a few years later came to public prominence as the ‘nasty’ judge on Australian Idol. A massive media career followed, TV shows, radio shows, you name it, he did it. 

But as you’ll hear in our chat - the Dicko as we knew him no longer exists. 

He’s a different man. A man who’s left behind what he once was and once wanted, and is now rediscovering his passion for music from an entirely different place. 

He’s putting on a massive festival which we go into great detail about - the gig is happening August 10th on the Gold Coast - get your tickets at https://www.almostthegreatestgigonearth.com

You thought you knew Dicko. 

You thought you knew what drove him. 

Prepare to know something new. 

Enjoy this conversation with Ian Dicko Dickson. 


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