302: Rosie Waterland

My guest today is Author, writer, comedian, and award winning podcaster Rosie Waterland.

Her books “The Anti Cool Girl” and “Every Lie I’ve Ever Told” have been best sellers and won critical acclaim for good reason - her unflinching ability to tell a harrowing tale while making you laugh is a rare skill indeed. 

Rosie’s award winning podcast “My Mum Says My Memoir Is A Lie” is everywhere you find podcasts and her new TV podcast “Just The Gist” is to be found in similar places. 

This is Rosie’s second time on the show - we first met her here on episode 101 about four years ago. 

I’ll say right off the bat that this conversation deals with childhood trauma, suicide, mental illness and psychiatric hospitals. If you need someone to talk to - don’t wait - do the right thing and pick up the phone. Also - there’s plenty of Survivor talk, so if you’re not caught up - get on it before listening. 

You can find Rosie everywhere online @rosiewaterland


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