301: Peter Maddison

Peter Maddison is a multi-award winning Australian architect who’s been running his own architecture firm since 1989 and is also the host of the brilliant Foxtel series “Grand Designs Australia”. 

Audrey and I love this show. 

I’m not particularly a person obsessed with architecture, but I’m fascinated with the human stories that this show tells and how you get an insight into how other make decisions, deal with adversity and indeed what other people think is home versus what I think is home. 

Peter is a fascinating man. 

Super-smart and with a mind so fast I could barely keep up - we actually caught up over a FaceTime call, which is a first for this show - so I appreciate your understating of the audio quality. 

Grand Designs Australia has it’s 2019 series finale next Wednesday Sept 18th, and you can watch all the episodes of course on catch up. 

Enjoy this conversation with Peter Maddison.


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