306: Mike Smith

Mike Smith is an experienced entrepreneur from Sydney Australia. He’s currently building his 4th business “Zero Co” which aims to pull 1,000,000 plastic bottles out of the system in Australia in their first year of operation. 

He and I met quite by accident, one day after recording at the Betoota Advocate, I headed down to the Bourke St Bakery to pick up a pie and a tasty treat for my wife, and he was outside having a meeting. 

We spoke briefly and he told me what he was doing, asked me if I would like to get involved. And In the spirit of wading into things that confront me I said YES. 

ZeroCo.com.au is where you can get involved - he needs 14,000 Aussies to sign up to hit their target of 1M bottles out of circulation in 12 months. As of recording this, there’s a little under 3000 people signed up, and I’m pretty sure that number is going to climb after you’ve heard this. 

Mike’s building a unique business - one that is filling a need that so many Aussies know needs to happen. 

We know we want less single-use plastic, and we just want something to do - which is what Mike’s clearly doing. 

It’s a shame that it’s come to businesses to take the lead here - but until our Government looks at this as the national threat that it is, that’s the best we’ve got. 

Sign up at zeroco.com.au and enjoy this conversation with Mike Smith

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